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Ultimate Disc - Field Dimensions (Ultimate Frisbee)

The game of Ultimate disc/frisbee is best played on a soft, flat, rectangular grass field, although it is sometimes played on concrete and gym floors. For twenty two years, USA Ultimate (Originally called the Ultimate Players Association) was the major official body for this sport. Then in April 2012 the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) was formed.

Accordingly, there are two sets of field dimensions for this game. For each field component listed here, the first or default dimensions belong to USA Ultimate (USAU), followed by the American Ultimate DIsc League (AUDL) version. All field lines are painted 4 inches (10 centimeters) thick.

Field Size:

USAU: The size of the playing field proper is 70 yards (64 meters) by 40 yards (37 meters).

AUDL: The AUDL expands the playing field proper to 80 yards (73 meters) by 53.3 yards (width of a US football field) (49 meters), which is equal to the size of an American football field.

The longer edges of the playing field proper are called side lines; the shorter edges are goal lines.

End Zones:

USAU: The Ultimate field extends beyond the goal lines to a depth of 25 yards (23 meters), with the same width as the playing field proper.

AUDL: The depth of the AUDL end zone is a depth of 20 yards (18 meters).

These extended areas are called end zones; they are separated from the playing field proper by the goal lines.

As seen, the overall length of the field remains the same for both versions of the game. While the width of the USAU field is 13.3 yards narrower.

Midfield Mark:

USAU: Midfield is a point 35 yards (32 meters) from the center of each goal line towards the playing field.

AUDL: Midfield is at a distance of 40 yards (37 meters) from each goal line.

This is marked with a circle containing a cross, and is used to place the disc to resume play after it goes out of bounds in that area of the field.

Brick Mark:

USAU & AUDL: The Brick Mark is a circle marked with a cross, drawn at 20 yards (18 meters) from the center of each goal line towards the playing field. This Ultimate frisbee measurement remains the same for both USA Ultimate and AUDL. It is the starting point for the disc after an out-of-bounds call or stopped play in that area of the field.

Reverse/End Zone Brick Mark:

USAU: Reverse or End Zone Brick Mark is a line measuring 11 yards (11.5 meters) from the center of each goal line away from the playing field, extending into the end zones and parallel to the side lines.

AUDL: Reverse or End Zone Brick Mark measures 10 yards (9 meters) in the AUDL field.

Pylon Markers:

USAU: Brightly colored plastic cones similar to traffic pylons mark the corners of the playing field proper and the end zones, making a total of 8 cones on the Ultimate field.

AUDL: Two additional pylons are used to mark the center of the outer line of each end zone.

Restraining Lines:

USAU: Additional lines are marked at 3 yards (3 meters) and 5 yards (5 meters) beyond the outer end zones lines and the side lines. These are meant to restrict competitors / coaches and spectators respectively from entering the playing area, so that players can participate in the game freely and safely.

AUDL: A single restraining line is drawn all around the entire field area at a distance of 5 yards (5 meters). Active players and officials can occupy the area between the side lines, end zones and the restraining line, while spectators have to remain behind the restraining line.

The Ultimate dimensions and field markings are quite simple in comparison with most other games, enabling both the players and the spectators to have unlimited fun.

AUDL Ultimate Disc Field Dimensions

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