- Bocce Ball Court Dimensions



Click on the Bocce court layout or the links below the layouts for printable or downloadable Bocce court diagram. Our diagrams show the size, measurements and layout of a Bocce court.

Bocce Court Dimensions:

Overall Dimensions

Generally the overall dimensions of a Bocce Court is 10-13 feet wide and 76 to 100 feet long.

Inbound Area of Play

The inbound area of play for a bocce court is 16 feet long by the width (13') of the court.

Pitch Line

The Pitch Line is placed defines the start (end) of the inbound area of play. It is marked 16 feet from the back line (end of the court).

Volo Line

The Volo Line is marked 8' beyond the Pitch Line, or 24 feet from the back line.

Side Boards

The Side Boards should be approximately 1 foot 6 inches tall surrounding the outside of the court.

We have taken our measurements from, Please see their site for more details.

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